Wednesday, May 20, 2009

8 weeks to go - you've still got time

As I mentioned in the last post, my package came with some special Browncoat touches. Jen from JLH Jewelry was kind enough to let me know that the idea comes from Wear with Style.

This woman knits one of the most recognizable pieces of fan costume: the Jayne hat. In the show, Jayne receives the hat with a letter from his mom. His normal tough-guy exterior gets a little mushy and the audience can't help but like him just a wee bit more.

The Wear with Style site also has a special note to those who purchase the hat, explaining that the owner's special family circumstances and how buying a hat helps someone you don't know in a very real way.

So if you're coming to our wedding and aren't quite sure what to wear, consider a Jayne hat paired with army green cargo pants, a tshirt, black boots and Vera. Cheers!

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