Sunday, May 17, 2009

DIY Engagement Photo Shoot

Saturday morning was met with mixed emotions in our home. Friday mid-day, we had rearranged our plans due to a last-minute-impending-weather-doom (aka rain) for our engagement photo shoot from Saturday evening to Saturday early-to-us morning. Rob doesn't necessarily like having photos done and tends to get a wee bit angry the day of, but to his credit does suffer through photos because it makes me happy.

We awoke bright and early, checking our email accounts, CNN and Facebook for the most important updates of the day and proceeded to beautify ourselves for immortal photo goodness. As we were about to head out, I checked my email for one last thing, only to find our shoot canceled. All dressed up and now down trodden, we had an epiphany:

We had a digital camera with a self-timer.

Armed with our camera, we headed out for coffee and made our way to Valley Cemetery. Unknowingly, choosing the cemetery worked to our advantage as sans tripod we improvised using headstones, stairs and poles. Rob did most of the set up, as it was easier for him to run into place than it was for me.

When we were done with the cemetery, we hopped in the car for a quick trip to Building 19 for a TableTalk pie (for those who don't know the story, I'll be posting it in the near future). While at the 19, I received two compliments on my dress and was asked if I was going to prom. Hee hee.

We ended our journey at Victory Park with our pie for a few funny shots. Rob was tickled that our shoot has a story arc (which is available in full to our family and friends on Flikr). Click here to see the public version.

All in all, we're happy with the pics and have a fun story to share. Remember, the glass is always half full. Cheers!

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