Thursday, May 14, 2009

The free chair hunt continues

100 chairs. 100 free chairs. Lonely, abandoned, left out for the trash pickup. Mismatched from sets or old styles that no longer fit the decor. They're almost like lost puppies, staring back at my from the curbside, calling to me to take them home. And since we've decided to go recycle/eco for our wedding and forgo tent and chair rentals, many of those lost souls have come home with me. It's a bit of a challenge, fitting them into my little Civic, but I've become a master at the Tetris-like stacking. Moving the passenger seat all the way up, twisting and tilting the chair at the appropriate angle and then slamming the seat back to hold it in place, work the best. When I come home, I sneak around my driveway to see if Rob's around, as he tends to give look at me strangely each and every time. My new-to-me chairs are currently be housed in the garage and getting spruced up in stages. In my mind, I think it will be cool after the wedding to line them up along the road, all 100 of them, to be picked up for another adventure.

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