Friday, May 15, 2009

May the 4th be with you

In the realm of geeky goodness, I have to say our appropriate-dress required Browncoat wedding could rank a lot higher on the totem pole. At least Rob loves all things cowboy and western and I have a past with "Cowboys in Italy" and am obviously Asian. But some people take wedding themes to a whole new level.

Sometimes Rob assumes my geek meter is higher than it actually is, so when he told me that people were already posting their May 4th wedding pics, I had no idea of the full meaning. So I asked the silly question of "What?" until I got the joke. Remember when you were in junior high and weren't swearing with phrases like "sofa king" and "sh it's around the corner"? Well, just say May the 4th out loud and let your geek flag fly. While you're at it, use the Google (shout out to Julie for the use of "the") and search on "May the 4th wedding" for geeky Google goodness.

Makes a Browncoat wedding seem pretty tame by comparison.

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